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You know that Kids in the Hall theme midi you hear on many fan pages? Yeah, well, I (Trista) sequenced it. I don't mind you using it, but please, if you do, either give me credit or link to Because of all the fan pages that snatched it up, I took down the KITH midis I did over the years. But, well, they're back. (And they still suck.) If you download any, please do not use them without crediting me, and please under no circumstances contribute them to MIDI databases. I may remove this section if people don't do these two simple things. Thank you in advance.


 Kids in the Hall MIDIs- You have the long and short version of Having an Average weekend, Dave I Know, and Some Days It's Dark in one Flash file.



 Having an Average Weekend- The tablature for the Kids "Theme" was originally part of a large FTP music site, which has subsequently been shut down. Here it is as a PDF, as it was contributed to that site.



If you are a MIDI sequencer and have sequenced or can sequence a Kids in the Hall or Shadowy Men MIDI, please contribute. (Please do not send any MIDI that you have not personally sequenced. I will not put up a MIDI without permission from the author.)

Likewise, if you can write tablature, please think about contributing to that section.

Btw, open note: When Brain Candy came out I remember someone (who posted on had up on their website an "I'm Gay!" Brain Candy midi that they did. Does anyone know if that person's page still exists? Drop a line to if you ever spot it.


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