When You're Fat

Transcribed by: cleo@cyberatl.net
Fixed by: Jordan1c@aol.com
I know it's hard / when you're fat / and alone / and no one's around to know you / and you lock up your bike / and it falls down.

When you're fat / And alone / And you're on a diet for no one / And on your birthday / Only your Mother calls. / She says hap- / happy / happy birthday pumpkin / I won't talk long I bet there's someone in your bed.

When you're fat / You live alone / But you share a bathroom. / You walk through the halls / With your toilet paper in your hands. / And later on / You phone / Your friend who lives in Vancouver / And you talk at length about her little kids / and you stop / At the shop / With wedding dresses staring at you / and you think to yourself / I better take a wok cooking class.

I know it's hard / when you're all alone / haven't had sex / for a year now / I know it's hard / When you walk alone / I've seen you at the antique fleamarket.

Life is sad / when you wear / Sweatpants and a raincoat / and you walk unescorted / And you go into vancurbs(?) / And you buy / Yourself / Some cornchips and some salsa / And you go home and eat them / While you read junk mail / And later on / Your hand / It moves under the covers / And after you've cum / You think about your student loan.

I know it's hard when you're all alone / I know it's hard for you

Credit to Bruce McCulloch/Atlantic Records