Al Miller

Transcribed by:
Bruce: [singing] Al Miller's heart is a lump of butter / It got that way cuz he likes the taste of bacon and eggs / Al Miller's been my friend since college / Although you never saw him take classes.

Al Miller's always been a philosopher / He says stuff like: / "Gettin drunk with your landlord / Not a smart thing to do / Don't trust a guy who / Keeps his change in his wallet."

Al Miller's wife rides the NordicTrack / She NordicTracks while Al eats his bacon and eggs / Al Miller had a weird lump on his elbow / Got it cut off, never even sat down.

Al Miller's always been a philosopher/ He says stuff like: / "Get a clock radio / That's the kind of life you're gonna have / Don't like your stirfry? / Send it back!"

Al Miller don't cater for gossip / Yet he'll get in a cab and talk Egyptian politics / Won't drink red wine, or get an earring / Never went through a phase where he dyed his hair black.

Al Miller's always being a philosopher / He says stuff like: / "Gettin' drunk in a hotel? / Well then you better play 'Lodi'1." / He says stuff like: / "Bruce, why you writing a song about me?" / What he should say as he looks in the mirror is: / "I am Al Miller!"

1. Lodi is a Creedence Clearwater Revival tune. Correction send in by: mjmlabs
Credit to Bruce McCulloch/Atlantic Records