Acid Radio

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Host: Caller, go ahead.

Caller: Um, I was on the subway and I--I heard this guy talking about how--how--how he did all his acid in grade 8. And, the guy, uh he looked on acid -- like he was on it then. And, the guy must be like *60.* Ya know? So I just wanna say that people should be um, more responsible when they're taking public trans-uh-transportation because. . .first of all, if they're gonna mutter to themselves that's one thing, which I don't like, and I don't like that at all when people just -- they're alone and they mutter. But if they're gonna mutter to themselves they should not be allowed, uh, to mutter bullshit because then children hear it and all of a sudden they think dogs are cats. It's really hard to figure stuff out; so if you see a rantin' guy, and he's only got like one shoe on, and he says he did all his acid in grade 8, and he's on acid, then. . .um, I don't know. Maybe--maybe uh, you'll. . .you'll turn gay. Cuz. . .uh. . .uh. . .something happened to me.

Credit to Bruce McCulloch/Atlantic Records