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Dave: Access Hollywood (June 18, 1998)

[Open - clip from NewsRadio]

Host: The late Phil Hartman lives on in reruns of his show, as you saw, NewsRadio, and fans are tuning in to remember his final moments on television. But it does beg the question, what will it be like when the show does return next fall without Phil. Today, for the first time, one of his co-stars is talking openly about the loss and the future.

[clip from NR]

Host: Phil Hartman's NewsRadio co-star and friend Dave Foley says returning to the sitcom is going to be tough.

Dave: It's gonna be strange. I mean ... I think, uh, it's, sort of, we're all in a bit of a state of limbo right now, sort of ... emotionally.

[tape of the cast having a read-through on the set]

Dave: And that's probably going to hit us even harder when we have to sit down at the table-read, cause I'm used to sitting right across from Phil at those things ...

[news footage from the crime scene] (you know they had to get it in there)

Host: Foley says the entire cast was shocked and saddened when they heard the news of their friend's murder.

Dave: When we heard about it, we all sort of flew back ... everybody sort of flew back to LA ... we all sort of gathered around and did a head count and sort of went, yeah, he's not here ...

[clip from NR]

Host: Foley says he's not sure how the show intends to deal with Hartman's loss, but for Foley, it just won't be the same.

Dave: And I'm used to spending an awful lot of my time standing there while Phil is being funny. And, uh, it's not gonna be as much fun without him on the other side ...

[really nice shot of Dave and Phil from what looked like a press conference or photo shoot]

Host: Dave Foley's new movie, by the way, is still shooting, and you can see Phil Hartman in his final movie "Small Soldiers" which does open on July 10.



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