A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

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Dave: Late Night with Conan O'Brien (April 12, 1996)

On the following:
Dave: There's this Kids In the Hall newsgroup and it's pretty much the titles of things are like: "That Bastard Dave", "I Hate Dave", "Hating That Bastard Dave."

Trista's note: Please note this is a DEAD topic in the newsgroup. If you want to know the events which surrounded the interview and the aftermath, just search Deja.Com. Don't bring it up in the newsgroup.

If you are lazy, then in short, there were about 4 people (::waving hand:: hello!) who said some *non-positive* things about Dave and his distancing from his work on Kids in the Hall. There was never "Bastard Dave" threads or any blame of Dave for the end of KITH. If Dave did read the newsgroup, he knew this and it is therefore presumable that Dave was being sarcastic and meant his comments to be funny.

In the aftermath of the interview there were "Bastard Dave" titled threads; if you read Deja, don't confuse these with anything that happened before the interview. These threads were comments on the interview, fandom, etc. and were, in fact, supportive of Dave. Two posters who were among the previous 4 (hello again!) took on the persona of "Dave Haters" for a while. It is presumable that they were being sarcastic and meant these posts to be funny.

OK? Nobody hated Dave. Topic over. Don't bring it up again.

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