A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

A Brief History of The Kids in the Hall WebRing
Once upon a time there was a and listed in its directory was The Kids in the Hall Webring, as well as many other rings. Then was bought out by and changes were made. Then WebRing broke free from Yahoo, and more changes were made. The Kids in the Hall WebRing has also undergone changes and different RingMasters. A gal named Tenikia started it in 1996. She disappeared and Laura rescued it. She handed the ring over to me in January of 2001. (This was not a buyout ;o), she was just too busy to manage it.)

You can browse all of the sites in The Kids in the Hall WebRing at:

Joining the Ring
If your site is related to Kids in the Hall, you are eligible for inclusion in the ring. Note: Being a fan of KITH is not enough, your page needs to related to them in some way; but, it doesn't have to exclusively be a KITH page.

You can apply to ring directly on WebRing. Once you are accepted you should come back here to get the appropriate code to add to your page.

Migrating to the new WebRing
Unfortunately, people who joined under the original or Yahoo! Webring are not automatically to the new WebRing. (Their fault, not ours.) If you see that your site in the KITH WebRing listing, you can attempt to migrate your site to the new WebRing. Take note of the Site ID of your site (it's a number). The Ring ID is kith. The password is YOUR password for YOUR Webring User ID. (If you do not have a WebRing User ID, you can get one and then proceed with the migration.) If you don't migrate, the ring code on your page will not work any longer. Without up-to-date ring code, you may be automatically removed from the Ring.

If you do not see your listing in the ring, you probably were already automatically removed. (Again, their fault, not ours.) Feel free to rejoin as a new member.

Rules of Membership
Their are only three rules to follow in order to remain a member of the Webring.
1) Your site must remain active. If you move your site, it is not our responsibility to track down the new URL. You must log into WebRing and update your membership. (Please UPDATE, rather than submit a new listing.)
2) Your site must continue to have useful KITH content. If you abandon updates of your site, that is fine, but if the site is outdated to the point where your site no longer provides any use to average KITH fans, it may be removed. (It is unlikely that this will affect many, if any, members. If it does affect you, and you disagree with suspension, you can "appeal." :o) If you change your content (removing KITH content), please remove yourself from the ring.
3) MOST IMPORTANT - You must place the WebRing code on the page which you listed with WebRing. (So, if you have a "WebRing" page, do not list your homepage/index.html page with WebRing, list the page which will contain the ring code.) WebRing uses automatic maintanence tools which MAY suspend or remove you if it does not find the WebRing code on the page you listed with it.

I'm A Member of the Ring - How Do I Get The Ring on My Page?
If you were a member of the ring before the Yahoo buyout of, you'll remember this graphic was the the navigation map for the ring:

Yahoo implemented a new standardized (ugly) navigation bar which we won't bother to reprint here...

Now the WebRing has broken from Yahoo!, the ugly, standardized Yahoo bar can be tossed in favor of more eye-friendly and subject-oriented graphics. When you sucessfully add the webring to your page, it will look like this:

This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit

To get the code to make this work, Log into WebRing, Click "My Rings," Click "View Ring Sites," Click your URL, Click "Get Navigation Code." Copy the code there and paste it in the HTML file for your page at the location where you want the ring to appear.

If you are member of more than one ring, you only need to add this code once - when you're approved to other rings, their code will automatically be added above or below the KITH one. You don't need to do any thing else.

Hard Coding Your Ring Code
If you want to include the webring on any page other than the one you signed up to WebRing with, (like a sub-page or the home page of your site, rather than just one a "webrings" page), you can "hard-code" the ring in any place your want.

To "celebrate" the rebirth of the original WebRing, "The Kids in the Hall WebRing" presents four alternative graphics from which you can choose, once you are accepted into the ring. (These will be fully operational, but "WebRing" may not recognize it in its automation tools. Therefore, it is STRONGLY recommended that you install the webring as described above on the page you signed up with.) The code and graphics below would be useful to people who want to include the ring on other pages, without the need for the 430 pixel width WebRing header or without having to include ALL rings to which your page is a member. (For instance, you'll find the stamp one on the main page of

Important - If you decide to use any of these optional ring navigations, you should download the graphic or graphics you wish to use and upload them to your own server space. Please don't load them externally. (Meaning, if you have a page on tripod, your IMG SRC code would look something like <IMG SRC="">. It SHOULD NOT have as its IMG SRC. You can download the graphics 1) on Window PCs by right-clicking on it with your mouse, hitting "Save Image As", and saving it to disk, or 2) on Macs click it and hold until your menu pops up and click save.

Small Banner -
Here's a nice small graphic which can fit most anywhere, with all the "navigation" options WebRing provides.

To use this version of the ring on your page, first grab the code from Webring (using the method described above), take note of your user name and id. Look at the first line of the code and you'll see something like this:
<script language=javascript src="">
USER after y= and the NUMBER following u=, copy those two bits of info into the following tag, as follows:
<!-- USER NUMBER -->
where USER is the user you copied and NUMBER is the number you copied. Example:
<!-- kithwebring 43890889098908 -->

Don't ask why, these one little line is important to WebRing. Now, to hard code the above graphic as your ring code, put the following code on the line following the USER NUMBER line to use the default ring graphic:
<img src="kithwebring.gif" width="234" height="60" border="1" usemap="#kithring">
<map name="kithring"> <area shape="rect" coords="0,0,233,48" href="">
<area shape="rect" coords="202,48,233,59" href="">
<area shape="rect" coords="158,48,202,59" href="">
<area shape="rect" coords="104,48,158,59" href="">
<area shape="rect" coords="53,48,104,59" href="">
<area shape="rect" coords="0,48,53,59" href="">

VERY VERY IMPORTANT! - You must change the 5 instances of "IDNUMBER" in the above code to the number of your site in the webring. For example, this page, the KITH Webring home page, has an id number of 56. 56 would replace IDNUMBER the five times it is used in the above code. You can find YOUR site id number in the email you received when you joined the ring.

Banner Graphic-
If you link to sites using banners, and for whatever reason would like to do the same for the WebRing, here's a graphic which is a standard-sized banner.

Copy the following code into your HTML file to install the banner graphic as your ring code. Remember to change USER, NUMBER, and IDNUMBER using the instructions found under the default graphic.
<!-- USER NUMBER -->
<img src="kithwebring-banner.gif" width="234" height="60" border="1" usemap="#kithring">
<map name="kithringbanner">
<area shape="rect" coords="0,0,467,64" href="">
<area shape="rect" coords="395,64,467,79" href="">
<area shape="rect" coords="326,64,395,79" href="">
<area shape="rect" coords="245,64,326,79" href="">
<area shape="rect" coords="159,64,245,79" href="">
<area shape="rect" coords="87,64,159,79" href="">
<area shape="rect" coords="0,64,87,79" href="">

Old School Graphic-
Many ring graphics under the original WebRing system were odd sizes, usually large. A little tougher to place, but if you'd like a graphic with a little more character, here you go.

Copy the following code into your HTML file to install the above graphic as your ring code. Remember to change USER, NUMBER, and IDNUMBER using the instructions found under the default graphic.
<!-- USER NUMBER -->
<img src="kithwebring-legs.gif" width="250" height="175" border="1" usemap="#kithringlegs">
<map name="kithringlegs">
<area shape="rect" coords="173,112,249,127" href="">
<area shape="rect" coords="82,112,173,127" href="">
<area shape="rect" coords="0,111,82,127" href="">
<area shape="rect" coords="0,86,249,111" href="">
<area shape="rect" coords="179,69,249,86" href="">
<area shape="rect" coords="93,69,179,86" href="">
<area shape="rect" coords="0,69,93,86" href="">

Stamp Graphic-
If you want to use the WebRing on more pages on your site, besides the one you signed up, here's a small little (non-obtrusive) stamp imagemap which you could stick on as many pages as you like. If you want to use your homepage in the WebRing directory but don't want to use one of the big graphics above, use the following graphic. Then, you can use one of the bigger graphics on the page where you stick all your webrings. It's not recommended to use this graphic without putting one of the other graphics somewhere else on your site, because this graphic does not contain all the "links" that they do.

Copy the following code into any page's HTML file where you wish to use the stamp. Remember to change USER, NUMBER, and IDNUMBER using the instructions found under the default graphic.
<!-- USER NUMBER -->
<img src="kithwebring-stamp.gif" width="120" height="63" border="1" usemap="#kithringstamp">
<map name="kithringstamp">
<area shape="rect" coords="64,46,119,62" href="">
<area shape="rect" coords="1,46,65,62" href="">
<area shape="rect" coords="72,0,119,18" href="">
<area shape="rect" coords="0,0,72,18" href="">
<area shape="rect" coords="0,18,119,46" href="">

Hope you enjoy the new looks!


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