A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

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by Natalie Mering

[A little girl named Natalie sits in the principal's office patiently waiting...then the principal enters and sits down.]

Principal: Natalie, I understand you really like...umm, Kids in the Hall is it?

Natalie: [mumbles] yeah...

Principal: Well, I think you need to draw the are quoting them far too much and...Crushing heads isn't a very respectful thing to do to Mrs. Bitzer...and the other teachers.

Natalie: [mumbles sadly] ok...

Principal: I think it's time you took a break; I have already made the arrangements with your mother...

Natalie: [looks down at her feet sadly] ok...

[On the bus ride home, All Natalie could think about was KitH. As she starred out the window...]

Voice #1: can't watch that show ya like anymore, huh, huh?

Voice #2: What's a Faggo?

Voice #3: Does Evil really hang around us like cheap perfume?

Voice #4: Why'd you do it?

[Then, right at that question, Natalie turned around to see four wide-eyed children. She turned to the girl who asked the last question.]

Natalie: POWER!

[She said in her best Francesca Fiore voice.]

Natalie: [Mumbles] I must stop quoting them...must stop.

[Later that day: All she could do was hide in the corner...her mother had hid the tapes!]

Natalie: Gotta watch...gotta watch KITH...

[Then all of a sudden, she heard it. That familiar laugh...the laugh of Buddy Cole! She turned around that instant to find Buddy sitting on her nightstand.]

Buddy: Don't you just LOVE my monologues? HA HA HA HA HA

Natalie: EEK!

[Natalie ran out of her room and then bumped into something UN human...The Chicken Lady!]

Chicken Lady: I'm hot! Hot for you!

[Natalie covered her eyes and ran to the bathroom and hid in the far corner of the bath tub her teeth chattering...]

Natalie: please

[Then all of a sudden the Queen of England poked in her head!]

Queen: Hello

[She said in that Queen of England voice of hers.]

Natalie: STOP! NO!

[She once again made a run for it and ended up literally falling onto Gavin.]

Gavin: You should flush ya know!


[She scurried down the stairs and slid into the front hall closet.]


[Then she rested her hand on something furry...]

Natalie: ekk!!!

[All of sudden Simon appeared with a dim candle.]

Simon: Welcome to the ultimate pit of re-runs! [Holds up a KitH tape]

Natalie: ahh!!!

[She then lifted up her hand to reveal Hecubus!]

Hecubus: I am Hecubus...and I'm an alcoholic.

[She darted out of the closet; She couldn't take it anymore! Then...they were all gone. All of the characters...]

Natalie: good! I'll just get my mind off of it...yeah, get something to eat...

[She opened up the fridge, and then opened the bottom draw.]

Natalie: [thinking] Safe...

[She opened it wide to find some pepperoni...and Cabbage. Then the cabbage slightly moved...then it shifted and Cabbage Head appeared!]


Natalie: Ahhh! Stop! No no no!

[She ran into the breakfast nook to find the At&Love girls all gossiping and drinking coffee.]

Natalie: Oh No, no!

[Then the At&Love girls saw her and glared at her!]


Natalie: What???!!

Cathy: yeah! Are you for real?

[The all of a sudden they threw their mugs at pour Natalie...]

Natalie: [soaked in coffee] Please stop!

[Then the doorbell rang...She walked over to the door slowly, Slipping away from the At&Love secretaries.]

[She answered the door.]

Natalie: [still soaked in coffee] what??

[Then she realized it was Lex Hair!]

Lex: It's just a cake!

[She looked down at the cake Lex was holding to find it in a shape of a saw...]

Natalie: no! Stop!

[She then decided to try the Back door, she ran through the dining room where businessmen attacked her! They jumped around her in a circle screaming, "Taxi, Taxi!"]

[She squeezed through them and ran through the back door. She walked towards the car where she found Bruno Punz Jones and Francesca Fiore seating in the front seat!]

Bruno: I hate 'de car chases...

Natalie: They're even outside! No!

[She ran into a small ditch and curled up into a little ball.]

[She then woke up the next morning to find herself covered with chicken feathers, cabbage and Goats Blood. ]

Natalie: I did it! I didn't watch 'em, I did it!

[Then she ran into the house in the kitchen.]

Natalie: I did it...I'm not obsessed, I didn't watch them, I did it!

[Then she looked up at the fridge to find her mom had just hid the tapes in the blue bowl...She looked around cautiously...then jumped up and grabbed the tapes and ran down to the basement, To watch them of course.]

Natalie: I have fallen off the wagon...for I am a slave to KitH


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