A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

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The Lemonade Stand Guy

by Rene Messick


  • Mark: Janine
  • Dave: Lemonade Stand Guy
Setting: Outside near a large park. Dave is working at a small lemonade cart. An older man hands him money and takes his lemonade.

Mark skates by then does a spin and lands in the older guys arms.

Mark: I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm so clumsy.

Man: That's fine miss (walks away)

Mark: Hey lemonade stand guy!

Dave: Hey Janine. Are you buying anything today?

Mark: No not today. I just thought I'd stop by and see what you are doing.

Dave: Well, its the same thing I've been doing every day. Making lemonade and lemon ice and selling it to people.

Mark: It is hot eh?

Dave: Yes, yes it is. Are you sure you're not buying anything?

Mark: Yep.

Dave: Great.

(a couple walks up. The girl orders a lemonade and the guy stares at Mark. They then walk away)

Mark: A lot of business eh?

Dave: Yeah.

(Another couple walks up to the cart. They order lemonade and the guy slips Mark his number)

Mark: God like I'd really go out with him.

Dave: Why not?

Mark: I'm yours silly.

Dave: Since when?

Mark: Since the day we met.

Dave: Oh really when was this?

Mark: Oh about a week ago.

Dave: I see. You know I'm really busy here and I really don't like you...

Mark: What? How could you say that? That is it! We're breaking up!

Dave: Do you even know my name?

Mark: Lemonade Stand Guy?

Dave: Go away please.

(Mark sighs and skates away. Dave just looks disturbed but brighten up when another girl comes up)

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