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Kids in the Hall Pages

Kids in the Hall Audio Archive
The Kids in the Hall Audio Archive is a comprehensive site with tons of sounds and wav files by all of your favorite Kids in the Hall!

A Complete Guide to The Kids In the Hall
All you need to know about the Kids ... includes info, pictures, sounds, links, and more.

Kettle Fish and Sugar Plums
Salutations! Marv and I would like to welcome you to our site. We have tons of info, pics, links and even some fanfic for Kids in the Hall, NewsRadio, James Woods, Nash Bridges, Profiler, Loveline, and The Pretender. Come on in and have a ball!

Asylum For Dave Freaks
Lots of Dave Foley and KITH stuff! Dave's Bio, filmography, quotes, loads of pictures and lots more!

the hall - a place where the kids can play
An excellent site for the kids that make us laugh. Features biographies, quotes, links, news and more!

The Kids in the Hall Link Index
Huge list of Kids in the Hall links with a little something on the side.

5 *clearly insane* Canadians is a great page for links and pictures. SIGN MY GUESTBOOK PLEASE!! I love hearing from fellow KITH-Heads!

Steve's Kids in the Hall Page
This page can be considered a one-stop location to get all the latest news, sounds, pics, and links about the greatest comedy troupe from the Great White North.

The Bruce McCulloch mini-shrine
A mini shrine to the lovely and talented Bruce McCulloch.

Creative Possibilites
My own humble tribute to those gods of absurdist sketch comedy, The Kids in the Hall. Did I mention the imagination is a dying animal? Visit for pics (from the tour and otherwise), info on the Kids, and the general fun of kith-love.

Mark McKinney Madness
Afansite with a bio, interviews, pictures, fan experiences, links, reviews, a club and much more.

Keith's Very Special Kids in the Hall Page
Lots of Kids in the Hall pictures and one, two, maybe fifty some sounds. Loads of FuN.

Kids in the Hall- The Fansite
A page that aims to be one in the line to host KTIH images, sounds etc in a fast accessable database!

The Brain Candy Archives
This page offers pictures and sounds, plus a Fun With Java section.

Kevin McDonald: the Kid in the Hall We DO Like
Definitely for those partial to Kevin. Includes bio, personal info, resume, sexy stuff, an article archive, as well as some misc. good stuff like the Kevin H. McDonald Birthday Extravaganza.


Other Pages

The Shrubs Homepage (The Pumpkin Patch)
The Shrubs are a Cincinnati Rock band who love rock n roll, and try to put on great live shows with lots of interesting visuals. Get in touch with these original rockers for a groovin night. Mike, Chris, Pat and Jeremy are dedicated to making some great gooving rock and roll. If you're ever in The Nati' be sure to check them out. The Shrubs are long time fans of The Kids In The Hall, and were frequently kicked out of Theater class for performing scenes from the sketch comedy show. And while they love The Kids in the Hall, they will not let you take them to a Leafs game.

Jessica's Page
A page with several links for shopping, television, music, etc. Short and sweet.

Andy's Page of Funny Stuff
A archive of the funny stuff which is sent around the net via e-mail.

The Flashlight Zone
The Flashlight Zone are a small theatre production company based in St. John's, Canada. They have performed a KITH show and are looking forward to many other show's in the future.

Phaedradee's Spot
A fun page filled with everything from animations to sound files. Pictures of kitties and family as well as a really interesting links page. Graphics a la Phaedie with a few hidden pages thrown in here and there.

Hey Look!!! It's Alex and Anne!!!!!
Delve into the lives, dreams, and hopes of two high school Freshmen...or just find out useless trivia about us! Whichever. Although this site has zilch to do with KiTH, Alex is a HUGELY obsessive fan and Anne thinks it's kinda weird.

A Complete Guide to the Annihilation of All Things and People
The title says it all.

Kat's Pacey Fanfiction
A Dawson's Creek site.

Entering Reverie
A personal homepage with a few references.

She's Got Issues
It's entitled She's Got Issues, and it's primarily a rant page. However, poetry, polls, and much, much more are included.

Alone Indie Dark
Independent screenwriters and freestyle comedy under the guise of indie filmmaking.

BLEACH'S Whose Line is it Anyway? Page
Rebecca's Whose Line is it Anyway and other stuff site.

BlueAngelGal's Home Page
A personal home page with info, poetry, and links.

PiTime Industries
Ever wonder what you would get if you mixed the words PiTime with Industries? Well, you would get PiTime Industries! The most egotistical site on the web of lies that is the internet. Read the newsletter: The Pie Report. Revel at a picture of a pie. Don't question our power.......because we have none.

Juliet's Home Page
This site has personal info on me and on the Kids in the Hall plus Alanis Morissette.


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