A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

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Gavin Bothers the Mafia

by Jeremy and Austin


  • Bruce- Gavin
  • Dave- Mobster #1
  • Kevin- Gavin's Father
  • Mark- A Cop
  • Scott- Mobster #2

(Some mobsters are shooting at each other.)

Dave: You ain't gonna get me alive! Ya winky!

Mark: You don't gimme my money! I don't give you your life!

(Gavin suddenly appears in front of Dave)

Bruce: Hello.

Dave: Hey, kid. Can you leave, we're in a fight.

Bruce: Oh...There's this kid in school and he got into a fight and the principal caught him and turned him into spaghetti.

Dave: That's terrific. Now, please leave.

Bruce: Okay. (Just moves slightly) Did you know that they call it tear gas 'cause the guy that made it, couldn't sell it and it made him cry.

Dave: Right.

Mark: You betta give up!

Scott: That kid is our hostage!

Dave: You are our hostage, kid!

Bruce: That sounds fun!

(Dave shoots off a tommy gun)

Bruce: Did you know that tommy guns are illegal?

Dave: Yeeeees.

Bruce: That's stupid! (laughs) Don't shoot off a tommy gun in front of the cops!

Dave: Shut up!

Kevin: (Walks in drunk) Gavin? Oh are you in some type of theater group?

Bruce: No dad I'm being held hostage. Dosen't that sound fun?

Kevin: Wha? Oh whatever! Hey is that A prop. (points to A box full of bags of cocaine)


Scott: YEAH ( shoots mark to death).


Bruce: Hey did you know that? this kid got shot full of holes and now whenever he eats lunch he leaks food and water! scary eh?

Dave: Get out of here and your dad.

Bruce: Can I hold your gun?


Bruce: You dont have to be mean you know. once there was this clown who always got lots of laughs but they were mean to him so one day he bought an illegal tommy gun and shot the audiunce and all along he was screaming LAUGH AT ME WILL THEY!

Dave: Hey I remember him any way get out of here!

(Kevin walks away with gavin his jaket full of bags off coccaine.)

Bruce: Hey dad look what I found (holds up a remote)

(Presses button warehouse explodes behind him and gangsters fly in the air.)

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