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If you've written something creative that relates to the Kids in the Hall and want to share it with others, submit it in an email. DO NOT ATTACH anything to the email. Copy the piece into the body of the email. I will not open any attached files.


 Fruits- Natalie Mering
 KITH Addiction- Natalie Mering
 Camp Sadistawa- Laura Clark
 Heaven: Pros and Cons- Andrew Bridgman
 Bad Hospital- Jeremy
 Pool Sign- Andrew Bridgman
 Satan, Lucifer, and Devil: Devout Christians- Andrew Bridgman
 Bus Stop- Steven Heinig
 The Thief (or the dim husband)- Renee Messick
 Gavin Bothers the Mafia- Jeremy and Austin
 The Lemonade Stand Guy- Renee Messick
 Sex Girl Patrol: The Continuation- Heidi



 Silence of the Bellini- Andrew Bridgman
 Oh, The Kids!- Sarah Jane Bodell


Miscellaneous Other

 Ode to KITH Fans- Trista Lycosky
 Kids in the Hall Bible- Angel Sewell


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