A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

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Oh, The Kids!

by Sarah Jane Bodell

Le Poupee you see,
Is a big hit in France.
"A Bug's Life" is filled
With a whole bunch of ants.

Scott may be gay,
But that's okay,
We all love him

Big cookies are good
for saying goodbye.
Big cookies are good
for adding to your thigh.

Chicken Lady
Had a traumatic childhood.
Seeing your parents hump,
Surely is not good.

Never get mad at a doughnut.
It just might turn on you.
Rebecca Klatka touched Paul Bellini
With a stick, ew ew ew!

Mississippi Gary died,
Then came back to life.
Two of the kids
Have now divorced their wives.

Terriers are Bruce's favorite breed,
They average 20 lbs.
If you ever lose your Indian Drum,
Make sure you're really loud.

Premise Beach
Is a great place place to be.
Hecubus serves not only Satan,
But Sir Simon Milligan & me!

If your ear bleeds profusely
Don't worry be happy.
If your nose bleeds,
Join the freak show & make some money.

Bruce caused cancer,
Now that makes me real mad.
Ya wanna know why?
'Cause he killed my dad.

Rock is, well,
Rock is dying.
Just ask Mr. Gorgenchuck,
I'm not lying.

The kids were on the air
For just 5 years.
When they went off,
It put me in tears.

Now they're on Comedy Central,
I thank God for that.
I just bought me
A brand new hat!

Now, in closing
I'd like to say,
I love you Dave, I love you Scott,
I love you Bruce, I love you Mark,
But most of all, I LOVE YOU KEVIN!!!!!

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