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An Introduction

In the past, I had seen requests for Kids in the Hall sketch transcripts on, so in June '96 or so I decided to dedicate my free America Online storage space to KITH text. As the page continued to grow, I ran out of "free" space on AOL and started to store scripts with Xoom and Tripod. It became very unruly to maintain. Additionally, I wanted to expand the scope of the Transcripts page and so here we are. officially "launched" in January of 1999.

The main focus of was still transcripts, and no matter how I tried to expand the scope of the site, it always came back to the transcripts. A few notes on the transcripts. First, if you're looking for some type of official hard copy of sketch transcripts, there is none. Second, the transcripts are just that- transcripts. At times, it's hard to make out what someone is saying. If you spot what you think is an error, it probably is. The transcripts are the best guesses at the actual scripts, but are not the actual scripts. Finally, within the transcript, you will see a note where the skit came from. The material is obviously the property of Broadway Video and Kids in the Hall. Publication of this information here is for purely nonprofit purposes, in an effort to create one place on the web where fans of Kids in the Hall and their comedy could find text to their sketches. Now, if you want to use a transcript on your site or perform it in public, I neither have the power to give or deny permission to do so.

In early 2000, I began to work out a more "comprehensive" KITH site. More info, more media, more stuff for fans to do, more everything. The idea sprung from making an interactive FAQ-like site. The old, outdated FAQ is weaved into this site, keeping within the permission granted by the FAQ's copyright. Please visit the site contributors page to read more about the FAQ. Little did you know it years ago when you did it, but you may have in part helped make this site possible - make sure you're thanked on the contributor page.

Aside from the FAQ-oriented material on this site, there is more original writing, artwork, media, and so forth than there was before. All material on this site is not available for sale anywhere; therefore the site does not take revenue away from the owners of the material and does not purposefully misuse any material seen on this site. If you wish to use any of this material for any purposes, please credit anyone mentioned as a contributor to that material and link to This is an open site, and I invite you to share what you see on it with others, just realize someone spent time contributing that material and deserves the credit that goes along with it.

Finally, this is a fan site. The site operates at a loss. At no time will this site ever attempt to "make money." The material on this site does not belong to anyone but the originators of the material and therefore it would be wrong to pocket so much as a dime from it. If any cash of any degree ever results from this site it will go toward hosting fees (web or Palace), prizes for contests, or other activities directly related to bettering the site for all.

Hope you like the site!



Awards and Mentions

Yahoo Pick of the Week. Week of 1.23.98
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4anything. Editor's Choice, 10.12.99
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CelebSites. Award of Excellence, 7.15.00
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Featured in C*E*A (Centre for the Easily Amused)

 Deemed "Noteworthy" by Encyclopedia Britannica's Internet Guide.
 Given Three of Four stars by Microsoft's Internet Start Web Directory , before Microsoft redid their "exploring guide" to resemble every other search directory out there.
 Given Three Stars by ZDNet's Internet Tonight, 7.31.98.
 Deemed "Hot" by Q107, Toronto.
 Mentioned online by Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn.
 Given Two of Three stars by Infoseek / Go Network.
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Created With

All you need to properly view this site is a image-enabled browser which supports Cascading Style Sheets and the Trebuchet / Trebuchet MS installed on your computer. Some pages in Play and Interact may make use of Macromedia Flash. To participate in The Palace, you need the Palace Client. Within Interact, I invite you to use Third Voice to discuss things on this site. To view the media files, you need a RealPlayer.

If you care, the graphics were created in Macromedia Flash and ULead PhotoImpact. The site is managed using Macromedia Dreamweaver. Some Perl, JavaScript, and Visual Basic were used in creating the site. The site was created within Win98 at 800x600 resolution; this site should be viewed just about identically cross-platform, various resolutions, and all but the most stripped-down browsers.

Please write to should you have any technical inquiries into this site.


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