A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

October 2000 Updates

October 20, 2000    

Ten new transcripts, today. Not the big update I was going to do, but something. Nothing else is new. I'm going to be "taking off" the rest of the month - at least as far uploading things go. I have some other projects I want to get some work done on...and of course there's the World Series to watch; and I think it'd be better to add nothing for 10 or so days rather than some half-assed things. But, I'll still be reading my mail (and updating the season transcript email list thingies), so keep sending those transcripts. The Palace Saturday chats will still be happening, too. When I "return," the wallpapers, fanfic, and kids pages will be updated, plus the audio/video, transcripts, and maybe some other stuff, too. Also, I'd like to get the "You Might Also Like" updated more regularly. Click the link and see if you'd like to "introduce" the KITH fan community to something you think they might like. Write me with your idea :o)

October 9, 2000    

Big update today. (No update on Thursday - NLCS game...Next update will be next monday.) So, the new things this week. First the YMAL list updated: You might also like Whose Line Is It Anyway? If you're a fan of the show and/or improv, please read the message on its page about a "very special" Palace get-together on Saturday. Next, there are 10 new transcripts. (The season lists which list the safe skits to transcribe are also updated.) The video clip is also new and Beth's monthly FAQ update is now updated here, too.

October 5, 2000    

No site update today - took the night off to watch the baseball playoffs. Regular update on monday. Little note: Scott's song made its Comedy World debut last friday and is archived on their site for your listening pleasure. More KITH pieces will also be debuting on Comedy World soon - and will feature *much* shorter downloads. (Yay!)

October 3, 2000    

Sorry I didn't update the site yesterday. I didn't have the YMAL done and was hoping to get it done today. I was too busy today, too. So, no YMAL this week. It will return next week. In the meantime, 10 new transcripts, a new audio clip, and a new video clip. And, one small reminder: if you'd like to be notified when new things are added to this site (and what they are), add yourself to the Update mailing list.




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