A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

September 2000 Updates

September 28, 2000    

Five more transcripts added today. The season email lists (read the 21st's update) seem to be working out good. Do you realize there's now over 500 skits transcribed? Great job, guys! I wish I could do more to thank everyone who's been nice enough to transcribe things. It's not much, but here's something new I'm going to try. On the contributors page, everyone's credited, but there's no distinction between those who have transcribed one skit and those who've transcribed many. So, I created little icons designating 10s of skits transcribed. Make it to ten, you get an icon, and get set apart with the others who've achieved icons. I don't know...It's something. A little more credit, perhaps. The thing is, I can't keep a tally of what everyone's done. So, when you reach 10, or 20, etc. you need to drop me an email (and list for me the ones you did...not that I don't trust you...)

September 25, 2000    

New Video clip and five new transcripts. And something to say: Annually, Harry Doupe (writer/comedian, and friend of Dave Foley's) does a charity auction to Benefit the Langley Fine Arts School in Fort Langley, B.C. This year, it's being held Tuesday, Sept. 26th (tomorrow!) in the back room at Wayne Gretzky's Restaurant, 8 p.m. and admission is free.

If you're near Toronto and can get yourself there, this is what you'll see on the block. You'll see two of Dave's Gemini Awards (1989 for Writing and 1993 for Best Comedy Performance)! You'll also see a 20" x 24" mounted picture, signed. (The picture is the Kids with guns.) You'll also see a sculpture from the series set, on which the Kids did all their monologues. It's a large grey cupid playing a horn (see picture below). You'll also see items from The Tragically Hip, The Odds, The Guess Who, Mike Myers, Alanis Morissette, Wayne Gretzky, Curtis Joseph and others. Winners will also receive little extras such as programs, hats, and passes.

The Cupid is Behind Bruce's shoulder

Now, if you can't be there, Harry Doupe will take pre-bids by email at He'll also answer any questions you have about the items. He also has Dave's other two Gemini Awards. They're not in as good of shape, but he would make them available.

September 21, 2000    

Ten more transcripts and a little help to those who are nice enough to want to do some transcribing. I used to say: ask if you want to check on whether a transcript has been transcribed. Now I say: Before you sit down to transcribe, write to the season the skit is in:,,,, and/or (No need for a subject, or message in the email. The mail doesn't go to a person.) You'll get an automated reply with a list of skits not yet transcribed, those "claimed," and those transcribed but not yet on the site. Then, you can either send in a transcript on a list, or "claim" some of your own, if you aren't sending right away. As always, send transcripts to Sounds like a lot of emails, but I think they're easy to remember ;o)

September 18, 2000    

Ten more transcripts have been added. This week's video clip is a two-parter. This week's You Might Also Like is Norm MacDonald; and, there'll be a chat for Norm/KITH fans in the KITH Palace on Friday at 10pm eastern.

September 14, 2000    

A little mid-week update: 5 new transcripts are up.

September 11, 2000    

Okay, I forgot to update the clip when I said I would. And I couldn't get connected to upload anything on Thursday. But, new week, new stuff. First, a new "feature" to the site: "If You Like Kids in the Hall, You Might Also Like" (Or, the YMAL. I'm not good picking titles...or acronyms.) Read more about this on the YMAL page. Also new: 3 new wallpapers, 5 new transcripts, and new video and song clips. (The song is video, too.) And, as a test to see if there'd be interest in holding a chat every week for fans of the week's YMAL, there will be a Barenaked Ladies Palace chat on Friday, 10:30pm eastern.

September 4, 2000    
Ten new transcripts today! Including the last of the Pit of Ultimate Darkness sketches. All of them are now transcribed. (With a bit less celebration - the Gunfighter sketches are all transcribed now too.) A new "character" was added to Bruce's character page - the Storyteller (This may not be a "character," but now there will be a place to list all the 30 Second Story sketches.) Tommorow I'll change the real video clip and maybe make a few corrections throughout the site.



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