A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

July 2000 Updates

July 31, 2000    
Note: If you sent mail to any address over the weekend (let's say Friday through Sunday), please resend it. Mail was down. Thanks!
New with the transcripts this week are just about all the 30 Helens and It's a Facts. There's one Helen missing and one Fact missing. If you have one or both of these transcripts, please transcribe 'em so we can complete the set! :o) The audio and video clips are also both new. The song is actually video, too, this time around because the audio isn't very good quality and the video rarely sees the light of day, these days.
July 27, 2000    
Okay, last update I rambled, so I'll balance things out today: Another ten transcripts were added.
July 24, 2000    

Ooo. Ten new transcripts today. I had originally planned on adding 5 new transcripts a week. I had some I was sitting on from before the new site launched, and this way we'd get a steady stream of new stuff for a while until all back scripts were up. But I had some time, so I added 5, 2 times a week for the first couple weeks. I hadn't planned on people actually contributing that many during this time (because they hadn't before this time). But, happy surprise, people are submitting. The potential problem with this is that someone transcribes a skit that has already been transcribed, but not yet added. (This has already happened several times. I'm crediting each person, but at least one person is wasting their time.) So, I'm going to try and pick up the pace and get the transcripts I have up quickly. So, 10 new transcripts today. Also, the new realvideo clip of the week is up. (The audio clip will stay the same this week.)

One other little thing. I got an email that was added's directory (a lot of KITH sites are there.) It's a pretty cool site - you rate sites and money is donated to a favorite charity. You have to register to vote, but it's all free. So, uh, if you have a second, rate (and then visit and rate other sites.) 1 is worst, 5 is best.

Rate this site at

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Zeal Profile
July 20, 2000    
A mid-week update. There's five new transcripts. Can you believe the Melanie one is the first Melanie skit anyone's transcribed. Amazing. Anyway, the link traders page was also updated, some fixes were made to the character pages, and some more fan writing has been added.
July 17, 2000    

No site I've ever been involved with has had a guestbook. That changes today. Feel free to leave your comments, but please keep to email for questions. Also, the guestbook is a customized script, not one of those externally hosted ones, so I don't know if I have all the bugs out of it. We'll see. New content? You betcha. Check out the 5 new transcripts this week and the new real content; there's also new additions to the fan writing section. One other thing: on the 15th we got a purty award from CelebSites, which I imagine they gave to all the Kids in the Hall sites in the webring, but, like a dork, I making special mention of it.

CelebSites: Your source for official celebrity sites!
Click to search CelebSites.
July 14, 2000    
Okay, I don't think I'm going to put up a new realaudio song this week. (The week's almost over and they didn't do all THAT many songs on the show...) But, instead, here's six more new transcripts for you. Thanks, publicly, to everyone who's been sending along transcripts. If you were thinking about transcribing a skit (or more) but are worried whether it's already been transcribed (but not added), then just ask.
July 10, 2000    
New week and new stuff. Five more transcripts - one from each season. Also, the character section is now up. You've got all the recurring characters listed with links to their transcripts. (Cross-referencing with episode pages will come later.) Also, we got some new writing from fans. And, don't forget with the new week comes new real content. The realvideo clip is new; the audio will be updated later in the week.
July 5, 2000    
There's five new transcripts for this week-shortcuts to them on this page. (And there's more back transcripts where these came from.) Also, the Link Traders page is now up to date. In other words, if you believe you submitted your link and yet you don't see it there, then you'll have to resubmit. All that I had are now up.
July 4, 2000    
A whole new world beyond the transcripts.
And so begins the life of the newest incarnation of Some sections are still under construction but I was getting tired of looking at the old site and wanted to get this up and rolling. Browse around and get familiar with the new layout, what's on the way, and let me hear what you think. Also, I know there's probably a ton of typos, so if you'd like to point them out, I'd be grateful. As you'll see there's lots of opportunities to get involved for anyone who wants to to get involved. I want to take a back seat and make this site a fan site by the fans. Over time, responsibilities for sections of this site will be given to you guys. One volunteer is currently needed; if you might be interested, read more about the "position." (To those waiting for new transcripts or their link to be added to the link trader page, that's what I'll be working on getting up next.)



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