A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

March 2005 Updates

March 24, 2005    


Broadway Video has asked me to put a disclaimer up so you the general public won't think that we at owns copyright to the transcripts on our pages here. (We've never claimed to but that's besides the point) on the transcript's page you will be able to see it but I'll post it here also as it's been worded by BV:

Although these are NOT actual scripts but are, instead, fans' recollections of their favorite sketches, please be reminded that the copyrights to the scripts and the shows, themselves, are owned by Broadway Video, Inc. Therefore, these materials may not be duplicated, published or exploited in any way.

You'll notice they don't say the Kids own their own work, but I've added that to it on the other pages.

Scott Thompson News

Danny Husk LIVES!!!! He will be a reporter on Fashion Television starting in April. Check the preview out.

We're Back

This website was temporarily down while getting domain registration things done. I hadn't expected the site to go down, but it did. I'm glad it's back up again so quickly.

March 14, 2005    

Weird Emails Abound

This has been a suspiciously weird email weekend for me. I received one email that I'm not ready to discuss here, but it may in time ultimately change the scope of this website. Not necessarily for the better. I'm hoping it will blow over without drama. Drama averted.

Second email was telling me some things I didn't know... Did you know that Bruce McCulloch is directing (along with writing and producing) a sketch comedy show starring Norm MacDonald, called "Back to Norm"? Well he is. And there's going to be a taping of it this week. But the email says if I can't attend I'm not allow to disseminate, distribute or copy this e-mail. So I won't tell you the date of the taping, but I will say it's in Los Angeles. What happen to the days of "please tell everyone?" [Click on the Bruce link, he has info there, let him get in trouble for it].




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