A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

March 2004 Updates

March 29, 2004    

Don't fall over but we have a few transcripts from season one added at last. I suspect with the release of the Season One DVD of the Kids in the Hall we might get a few more contributions. Thank you Kim H. for sending us some.

March 27, 2004    

No major updates, but me tweaking with the Update List again.

I'm abandoning doteasy's mailing list for a nifty cgi script in its stead. If you subscribed with me last week don't worry, I will manually plug your address in. You will receive an automated message with instructions to verify that you still want to be on the list.

I'm sad to say that the address for people to send transcripts is only getting the virus Netsky and Beagle repeatedly sent to it though. But no worries, that's what good anti-virus software (that's up to date) is for. However, if you have been enjoying some Kids in the Hall sketches and want to contribute if it looks like we don't have it here, then send them to transcripts and we'll get them uploaded.

March 21, 2004    

I guess I should ask you if you were formerly subscribed to the Update List to resubcribe to it.

I'm using doteasy's mailing list instead of whatever program Trista was using. The updates will be periodic as before.

March 20, 2004    

After much battling with changing DNS servers, KITHFAN.ORG is back online.

Some of the links may not work (like Guestbook for example). Be patient with me while I get some of those things worked out. As we all know life's not perfect.

Correction: Guestbook works but Random and Search Transcripts don't. I'm working on it though. And tweaking every few hours it seems... Soon enough this site will be completely ready to serve you ... and SATAN! Isn't that right, Hecubus?

March 17, 2004    

Don't have a heart attack, but is changing hands. Trista has asked if I would be willing to step in as webmistress and I agreed.

For now, everything will pretty much stay the same but it's moving servers and such (the web address will stay the same). So it's possible this page will be down for a day or two. The content will look exactly the same until I get around to doing some redesigning.

Hopefully we can keep this puppy happily moving along. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all!




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