A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

January 2001 Updates

January 25 , 2001    

I know, I know, it's been a while. More on that in a second. First, 2 notes: I'm now caring for The Kids in the Hall WebRing - Laura, its RingMaster, is too busy to care for it anymore. So, check out a new page on this site about the ring. Second, we still have regular chats on the KITH Palace, as well as planned ones on every Saturday. With dropping support of The Palace, there has been question as to where new people could download The Palace Client software. You can now do that at So, download it and come visit.

K, now the lack of updates to this site. After almost 5 years, I realize that I have become (for lack of better terms) burned out and bored of caring for this site. But, too much time has been invested in it and I still want to care for it somewhat - just not as regularly as before. So, I mentioned help before, I now know what help I need. I need a full-fledged assistant. In short, you'd help format and add all the kinds of info on the site. I'd don't care about your age or your web and HTML experience. You just need some sort of commitment to KITH, the site, and working with websites - the rest can be learned. So, if you _might_ be interested or want to learn more, let me know. (You don't need to convince me of anything right now, let me tell you things, then you can tell me things. Just reply, for now.)




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